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Address:  PO Box 91327,  Lafayette, LA 70509  USA

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Email: sales@drakespec.com

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Drake Specialties products samples
Drake Safety Spray Shield on Pipe
Teflon Safety Spray Shield with indicator patch.
Orange PVC Vinyl Flange Shield
Stainless Steel Flange Spray Shield

Safety Spray Shields, Flange Protectors, Valve Shields, and pipe protection products from Drake Specialties are manufactured in the USA with the highest commitment to quality and safety. The spray shield and other safety products we manufacture include Flange Spray Shields, Valve Spray Shields, and Expansion Joint Shields, all of which are designed to detect and temporarily contain leaks and sprays for safety, fire, and environmental concerns.  Stainless Spray Shields and Marine Safety Products provide not only personnel spray protection, but fire protection from pressurized flammables. Specialty Shields & Covers are special designed shields, covers, and blankets to provide insulating properties for heat loss, personnel burn protection, and spray protection for custom fit on piping, pumps, sight glasses, and fittings.

Corrosion protection products we manufacture include Flange Insulating Gasket Kits, which provide dielectric properties for cathodic isolation. Flange Protector Bands and Nut Cap Protectors protect flanges and flange bolts from the elements. Penetration Seals are link type seals for pipe sealing through dikes and casings. Centralizers provide ease of installation and centering or spacing of piping inside of casing or dual containment pipe.

Drake Specialties, LLC., founded in 2004, was created to fulfill the need for a Safety Shield manufacturer with both industry knowledge and expertise. Since inception, our product knowledge, customer service, and manufacturing capabilities have propelled us into a multitude of markets requiring safety and corrosion protection products for piping systems. Our staff has nearly 25 years of worldwide industry experience in the protection of personnel, equipment, and the environment.

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Drake Specialties: Protecting Personnel, Equipment, and the Environment.

Industries served:

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This oil pump jack is an example of the need for protection in outdoor unattended equipment. This pump jack needs nut caps on the flange bolts and long life cathodic protection, as well as valve and flange shields.

Drake Specialties products are found thoughout the oil and gas industry inland, offshore, and world wide. From spray shields and pipe insulation to equipment protection we have your piping needs covered!

Oil & Gas

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Marine oil and gas production work boat.

Drake Specialties is a leading supplier to the marine industry with products like insulation blankets, roll shields, shields, pipe wrap, and SOLAS tape for the maritime, ship building and repair, and military arenas.


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Petrochemical process piping system image

Drake safety products can be found in chemical process piping systems throughout the world. Companies world wide call on Drake to protect their equipment, their personnel, and the enviroment.


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