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Regulatory agencies such as OSHA and MSHA have strict standards to ensure safety and personnel protection in the work environment. OSHA 1910.132(a) states…"protective shields and barriers shall be provided and used in hazardous processes or environments, including chemical hazards, capable of causing injury of any part of the body through physical contact."

The most commonly recognized toxic chemicals used in industry are sodium hydroxide (caustic) and sulfuric acid. Teflon Spray Shields ensure worker health and safety and also permit cost reduction by minimizing OSHA recordables and insurance claims.

Various manufacturing plants that utilize Spray Shields from Drake Specialties include those in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, water treatment, food processing, refinery, and mining industries.

Drake Specialties’ Spray Shields, and our extensive line of flange and pipe protection products listed below, help safeguard personnel, equipment, and the environment.

Clear Teflon Ball Valve Shield from Drake Specialties allows for quick and easy insepction of ball valve.

Safety Spray Shields Designed to cover flanges, valves, expansion joints, fittings, flexible hoses, pipe joints, and unions to contain and detect leaks and sprays for safety, fire, and environmental concerns. Also commonly called flange protectors, flange guards, or spray guards.

316 Stainless Steel Safety Spray Shield from Drake Specialties

Metal Spray Shields Designed to cover flanges and valves to contain leaks and sprays for personnel and fire protection. 316 stainless steel construction with quick latch or hose clamp attachment.

Angled Pipe end Relief Cover from Drake Specialtes

Pipe End Covers Weather Caps or pipe caps to fit over vent pipes or exhaust pipe outlets on safety relief valves and rupture discs.  Keeps outs birds, insects, dirt, rain, saltspray, and debris.

Instrumentation and Electrical Cover from Drake Specialties.

I&E Covers Custom designed instrument covers, actuator covers, and electronic covers to protect from corrosive environments to prolong service life and decrease maintenance.

Insulation Blankets and Pipe Covers from Drake Specialties help maintain process pipe temperatures and reduce injury.

Insulated Covers Custom designed thermal covers and thermal blankets to provide insulating properties for heat loss and personnel burn protection. Designed to fit piping, valves, exhausts, etc.


Hose & Pipe Covers Wraparound or tube style covers to contain leaks or sprays on corroded, rusty piping. Also for flexible hose and tubing. Custom made and available in any diameter or length.