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Address:  PO Box 91327,  Lafayette, LA 70509  USA

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Email: sales@drakespec.com

Drake Specialties' products are used extensively in oil & gas piping systems and pipelines throughout the world.

Corrosion prevention plays a major role in providing safety, reliability, and integrity on flange connections, valve connections, and piping on pipelines, offshore platforms, refineries, compressor stations, and gas fired power plants.

Oil & Gas products manufactured and distributed by Drake Specialties are listed below:


Flange Isolation Gaskets picture showing several gasket types and sizes available from Drake Specialties

Flange Isolation Gasket Kits are necessary to properly insulate and seal pipe valves and flanges in process piping systems.

Stainless Steel Flange Protector with EPDM lining from Drake Specialteis

Flange Band Protectors are designed to seal out contaminants that might otherwise corrode the flange, damage the gasket, and short out the cathodic protection between flanges.

Nut Caps and Bolt Head Protectors from Drake Specialties

Nut Caps / Bolt Protectors prevent rust and corrosion of hex nuts and bolt heads by sealing out the environment and other corrosive elements. They work best when used in conjunction with anti-corrosive grease.

Custom made Insulation Blanket for piping

Insulated Covers  can be custom made to your size and specifications, and are designed to maintain process temperatures but also protect personnel from accidental contact.

Penetration link seals for through piping in bulkheads or walls.

Penetration Seals or Link Seals, provide both cathodic insulation and stabilization where process pipe penetrates through walls, bulk heads, and other structures.

Pipe Centralizer from Drake Specialties

Centralizers provide spacing and stabilization where 1 or more process pipe is located within pipe casing.