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Safety Spray Shields Designed to cover flanges, valves, expansion joints, fittings, flexible hoses, pipe joints, and unions to contain and detect leaks and sprays for safety, fire, and environmental concerns. The most popular models are shields constructed from PTFE fabric or stainless steel banding. Also commonly called flange protectors, flange guards, or spray guards.


Metal Spray Shields Designed to cover flanges and valves to contain any leaks or sprays for fire and personnel protection. 316 stainless steel construction with quick latch or hose clamp attachment.

Insulation blanket for piping and equipment.

Specialty Shields & Covers Pipe End Covers, Insulated Covers, and I & E Covers to protect pipe or connections from weather and cold or hot temperatures. Available in custom designed shields, covers, curtains, thermal and welding blankets, from fabrics with chemical resistant, weatherproof, fireproof, high temperature, insulating, or see-thru properties.

Roll shield for marine safety and piping applications.

Marine Safety Solas Spray Tape, Marine Roll Shields, PTFE Flange & Valve Shields, and 316SS Flange & Valve Shields wrap around tubing, piping, fittings, flanges, and valves conveying fuel. Used on boats, ships, yachts, marine, and offshore vessels for fire prevention and personnel protection, products help meet ABS, Solas, and CFR requirements.

Pipe flance gasket kits thumbnail image

Flange Isolation Gasket Kits Gasket Kits Dielectric kits for cathodic protection, corrosion prevention, and isolation of flanges. Kits contain Isolation gasket, Isolation bolt sleeves, Isolation washers, and steel washers. Available in many materials and styles.

Stainless steel pipe flange band protector thumbnail image.

Flange Protectors Flange band protectors to protect and prevent corrosion of bolts, flange faces, and flange gaskets for sealing integrity. Available in stainless and non-metallic (thermoplastic) material.

Image of nut cap protectors on pipe flange to prevent nut and bolt corrosion.

Nut/Bolt Protection Caps Plastic protector caps that snap over stud ends and nuts to protect against the environment and eliminate corrosion. Allows for easy unbolting of flanges and valves. Caps are economical, reusable, and easily installed.

Pipe penetration link seals for piping through walls and bulkheads.

Penetration Seals Interlocking, rubber, link type seals provide a watertight seal for sealing annular spaces of pipe going thru walls, floors, tanks, dikes, and casing ends.

Piping centralizer stabilizes piping inside casing.

Centralizers Sometimes called spiders or casing spacers, 304 stainless or plastic models provide ease of installation and centering or spacing of piping inside casing or dual containment pipe.