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Metal Flange Safety Spray Shields are designed to prevent, contain, and control a leak or high pressure spray-out from a flange.

Our 316 stainless steel metal flange spray shields are specifically designed to fit around a flanged connection. Featuring a 316 Stainless Steel Mesh, they are designed to safely dissipate spray to help control hazardous leaks and spray-outs. Hazardous leaks, drips, and spray-outs can occur when the flange gasket fails due to impact, corrosion, age, or when the internal pressure exceeds maximum specifications of the flange or flange gasket.

Designed to protect personnel, equipment, and the environment, Drake Specialties' Metal Shields are used in applications of high temperatures, high pressure, or when conditions are unfavorable for cloth safety spray shields. In our efforts to continually improve and provide the best possible spray shields in the industry, Drake Specialties' has developed Stainless Steel Metal Shields with a patent pending construction that contains a special stainless steel netting inside of the band that safely dissipates pressurized sprays by distributing it around the flange circumference. These shields contain no sharp edges, require no tools, and are installed easily and quickly via the adjustable quick fastening clamp. Our Metal Shields are reusable and available for all size flanges, including oval and square flanges.

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Metal safety spray shield made of 316 stainless steel with stainless mesh screen
Square metal spray shield with 316 stainless steel mesh