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Nut and Bolt Protectors

Nut Caps and Bolt Protector image from Drake SpecialtiesNut and Bolt Protectors are plastic nut and bolt protector caps that snap tightly over stud ends and nuts to protect them from the environment and eliminate corrosion. Nut protectors are made of polyethylene plastic that is UV and chemical resistant. While nut caps may be used to eliminate excessive paint buildup on bolt threads, the leading benefit is defending the stud bolt threads and hex nuts from rust and corrosion, thus allowing easy unbolting. Nut Caps are economical, reusable, easily installed, and available in all sizes for heavy hex nuts ranging from 1/2" to 3".

For additional corrosion protection, we recommend our flange and nut protection grease - Corrosion Inhibitor Grease - added inside the caps to displace air and moisture and extend service life. Grease is available in 14oz cartridges and 5 gallon pails.

For a complete flange protection system, including Drake Specialties Flange Band protectors, in conjunction with Nut/Bolt protectors and grease, is recommended. The Flange Protectors enclose the flange and internals, providing protection from salt spray, sand, chemicals, and other rust causing external factors. Click our link here, Flange Band Protectors, for additional details.

To View, Download, or Print the Drake Specialties Nut Cap and Bolt Head Protectors Brochure, click here.

Contact or email the trained staff at Drake Specialties for details and assistance in your flange and pipe protection application.

nut cap diagram cut way and image of installed flange band protector