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Penetration Seals

Image of Penetration Seals from Drake SpecialtiesPenetration Seals are interlocked rubber links that are designed to provide a leak-proof and insulated seal that fills the annular space of pipe penetrations. Penetration Seals fit around piping going through walls, floors, tanks, manholes, vaults, dikes, and pipeline casing to provide a gas and watertight seal. Penetrations Seals have been tested to withstand a hydrostatic seal up to psig or 40 feet of head pressure. Standard construction material of a penetration seal is EPDM rubber which is suitable for most applications. Nitrile rubber seals are available for services of solvents, hydrocarbons, oil, gas, and jet fuel. Silicone seals are available for high temperature applications. Penetration Seals are economical, reusable, easily installed, and available in many sizes to fit nearly every pipe penetration, from 1/2" pipe to 98" pipe.

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