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Drake Specialties’ line of PTFE Flange Shields are constructed from industry-leading quality and design standards to ensure years of safety and protection. The PTFE  coating on the fabric provides the highest chemical resistance and operating temperature of all Spray Shields, up to 450°F continuous. The woven fiberglass base fabric gives flexibility and additional strength to the PTFE coating.

Sometimes called Teflon Flange Protectors,  Flange Guards, or Spray Guards, all of our PTFE Flange Shields contain excellent chemical, UV, weather resistant and fire resistant properties.

Drake Specialties offers 4 different quality types of PTFE  Spray Shields: Clear “See-Thru” Flange Shields, Premium PTFE Flange Shields, Standard PTFE Flange Shields, and Single-Ply PTFE Flange Shields.

Clear PTFE
  • Transparent Clear FEP center strip allows for complete visual inspection.
  • Sides constructed of Premium PTFE coated glass cloth.
  • PTFE coated fiberglass or Nomex® thread and draw cord.
  • Fire and tear resistant.
  • Optional 1/2" diameter PTFE drain nipple.
Clear Teflon Spray Shield from Drake Specialties

Premium PTFE

  • Maximum PTFE content fabric for extreme service and long life.
  • 3-ply multi-layered construction.
  • PTFE coated fiberglass thread and draw cord.
  • Leak indicating patch standard.
  • Fire and tear resistant.
  • Maximum operating temperature of 450° F.
Premium Teflon Safety Spray Shield from Drake Specialties

Standard PTFE 

  • Most popular style.
  • PTFE coated fiberglass cloth.
  • Reinforced, 3-ply construction.
  • Insert in center provides fourth protective layer.
  • Leak indicating patch standard.
  • Fire resistant.
  • Maximum operating temperature of 450° F.
Standard Teflon Spray Shield from Drake Specialties

Single-Ply Premium PTFE

  • Single-ply, one layer construction provides economy compared to Clear or multiply series.
  • Leak indicating patch standard.
  • Fire and tear resistant.
  • Max operating temperature of 450° F.
Single Ply Teflon Spray Shield by Drake Specialties

Although Teflon Spray Shields are the most popular style, economical PVC Spray Shields may be more suitable in less severe environments, or Metal Spray Shields in more demanding environments. Click on each link for additional details, or contact us at Drake Specialties for assistance in your flange and pipe protection application.

Teflon® is the registered trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC.  Drake Specialties is not associated with or sponsored by The Chemours Co.




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