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Pipe End or Pipe Night Cap coverPipe End Covers and Pipe Night Caps are constructed of durable, chemical resistant, UV, weatherproof materials to enclose open pipes and guard against water, animals, dirt, mud, and other debris.

Weather you call it a Pipe Cap,Weather Cap, or Exhaust Pipe Cover, installing Drake Specialties' weatherproof covers will help reduce the costs of replacing or rebuilding safety relief valves by extending service life. Pipe End Covers are weatherproof "socks" designed to slide over ends of pipe vents and exhaust pipe outlets on safety relief valves and rupture discs.

Safety relief valves and rupture discs are pressure relieving devices critical to plant and pipeline safety. Pipe vent stacks left uncovered and open can accumulate rust, dirt, insects, and debris causing valves to malfunction or fail, thus requiring expensive rebuilding or replacing.

Pipe End Coves are available in four PVC vinyl colors: red, grey, orange, and yellow. Optional PTFE material is more suitable for higher temperatures and more aggressive chemical environments.

Benefits of Pipe End Covers include:

  • Keeps out rain, snow, salt spray, birds, animals, insects, sand, and dirt.
  • Loose fit allows exhausting and easy installation.
  • Draw cord for tight securing.
  • Grommet for rope attachment to prevent loss during adverse weather.
  • Available for angled and straight cut pipe ends.
  • Available for all size pipe diameters.
  • Custom designs and large sizes available.

A second style and "specialty" use of pipe covers are for closing off pipe ends of pipelines overnight. These Pipe Night Caps are well-known and utilized by pipeliners and foreman to guard against water, mud, animals, debris, and children.

Pipe Night Caps by Drake Specialties are economical and flexible, thus can be easily compacted and stored inside of truck boxes, requiring minimal space. Installation of Drake Pipe Night Caps is considerably quicker and simpler in comparison to heavy, cumbersome, metal type night cap plugs. A draw cord for securing it in place is a standard feature, and tie-down or cinch straps are optional.

Regardless of your application, contact Drake Specialties for your pipe and flange protection products.

Yellow safety pipe end cover for relief valves.