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Flow Indicator Shields are clear "see-thru" safety shields designed to protect the sight glass or sight flow indicator from rust, dust, corrosion, and the elements, and most importantly, safeguard personnel from hazardous leaks and spray outs. The clear "see-thru" feature allows for visibility of the sight window, along with visual inspection and monitoring of the entire indicator body. Available in a choice of Clear PTFE and clear PVC, Flow Indicator Shields are custom manufactured to fit all sizes, shapes, and styles of flow indicators.

A similar application is for sight gauges. Sight Gauge Shields are pressure indicators, and contain threads or some type of fitting. Sight Gauge Shields feature a clear window for visual of the pressure gauge. Since these are custom fabricated, any additional material needed to cover pipe is included.

Regardless of your application, contact Drake Specialties for details and assistance in your Safety Spray Shield application.

Clear Teflon Sight Gauge Shields protect and also allow for pressure gauge and flow indicator monitoring

Thumbnal image of open flow indicator shield showing ease of installation and application