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Hose and Pipe Spray Shields are hose covers and pipe covers designed to temporarily contain and detect leaks on various types of pipe, hose, and tubing. These Pipe Spray Protectors are available in wraparound style for existing pipe, and "slip-on" tube style for hose or tubing with detachable end connections.

Hose & Pipe Spray Shields are available in the same quality materials as our Teflon® Flange Shields, along with PVC and other fabrics shown in our Flange Spray Shields line.

Another "specialty" fitting spray shield is Kamlok Kovers, which are designed to slip over quick connect and camlock (cam-lock) connection fittings on transfer lines.  Kamlok Kovers, commonly called camlock spray shields, are removable, slide-on sleeves that can be easily compacted and stored.  Constructed of chemical resistant, PTFE coated fabric, these leak and drip containing covers feature a draw cord and cord locks on each end for quick attachment and removal, and are available in 12", 18", and 24" lengths for all size couplings.

Regardless of your application, contact Drake Specialties for your help with your pipe protector and flange protector products.