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Safety Spray Shields

Safety Spray Shields in a variety of materials from Drake SpecialtiesSafety Spray Shields are designed to prevent and reduce catastrophic damage and injury to workers, property, and equipment by temporarily containing hazardous leaks and sprays. Early leak detection helps reduce maintenance costs in plants by preventing downtime from failures or recordable accidents.

Recommended and required by OSHA and some insurance companies, Spray Shields are an important factor in risk management and reducing liability concerns in process piping systems.

Most commonly used on flanges in acid and caustic chemical services, Flange Protectors, Flange Guards, and Flange Wraps, as they are sometimes called, are available for valves, unions, or any other type of pipe joint.

Drake Safety Shields are recommended on connections in these common corrosive and hazardous instances:

  • Piping near head and eye level.
  • Piping near walkways and traffic areas, including overhead.
  • Unloading/loading areas, including docks and terminals.
  • Piping on discharge side of pumps.
  • Piping in tight, confined spaces.
  • Piping conveying flammables near hot surfaces and electronics.

Drake Safety Spray Shields on Process PipingDrake Specialties manufactures a suitable spray shield for every application from materials that are chemical, UV, and weather resistant. From cryogenic service, to high temperatures, Drake has a solution.

Our coated cloth styles come in 8 different fabrics, including four Teflon® Spray Shield styles, two Polyvinyl Chloride PVC Spray Shield styles, one Polyethylene, and one Polypropylene style.

Solid fabric shields are leak indicating shields, and contain a replaceable pH indicating patch which signals a leak by immediately changing color. Our see-thru styles are clear shields, and are preferred by maintenance for visual inspection.

Beyond fabrics, our 2 lines of metal shields are made of corrosion resistant, 316 Stainless Steel.

We offer spray shields for all ANSI, DIN, PN, BS, JIS, AS, and KS standards.

To View, Download, or Print the Safety Spray Shields Brochure , click here!

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